Vpn & Firewall Services

Protect your business’s critical information and data against unwanted attempts to infiltrate your server and place a security layer between your enterprise and the internet with AKAN managed firewall. Firewalls are security devices that provide a critical layer of security between your server and the internet preventing unauthorized use and access to your network, as unprotected servers are vulnerable and most likely to be attacked online, thus leading the compromise of your data and information. AKAN works with you to describe custom made policies that allow or deny network traffic based on compliance standards and business needs. We are offering the best virtual portal network services In Dubai.

As firewall install between your server and the internet therefore, all the incoming data flows to a firewall, which filters traffic based on your specified needs and requirements. Unwanted access and traffic are blocked by firewall. Therefore, the entire operation should work securely and smoothly. The Virtual Portal Network (VPN) provides secure communication channels for individual / group of users or remote offices and encrypts all traffic between two internet points. Through VPN you can access the data anywhere in the world via secure channel without having headache of data theft. AKAN provides excellent managed VPN & firewall in Dubai that keeps the high level of data integrity and protects the information assets of our valued clients.


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