February 11, 2020 - BY Admin

Is your social media content driving qualified engagement?

When you talk about Social Media marketing, then we talk about what will make our advert stand out amongst competition who are not only targeting the same people but the same products.

So what makes your campaign unique and different from others?

First and the most important key feature is your content because that will be the first thing your viewing audience will see. It has to be presentable and perfect in every way.

Know your Audience A market analysis is highly important. You cannot pitch the same content for a product to every type of audience. It’s only going to damage your business with no quality engagements. Run a market analysis. Find out what kind of people will like your product and actually in a need for it. Then design the content accordingly. What goods will come from this? You will likely spend less on adverts and quality conversion will drive automatically.

Know your product If you don’t know how your product impacts the market, then social media marketing will not help in any way but you will just end up spending a lot. Design a campaign in a flowchart. Your product will only have an impact on a selected audience. But, this is not the only factor. You have to offer something extra, something that is not being offered by millions of other competitors. For example, You are offering a laptop at an equal price as any other sellers. But what will make you stand out is you might be offering 2-year free service or a few goods for free with it. A customer will automatically turn to the one who is offering more for the same price.

Content Designing When writing an advert for any platform, regular marketing will not work anymore because that is common and anyone can do it. How hard is it to design an ad campaign? Not as much as many people think of it. But, what is difficult is to have a uniquely written and designed content. That is the feature which will make people click on your ad. Your ad will stand out by highlighting the features that people actually appreciate. For example, a car polishing company is offering a complete exterior renovate of your car in AED 1000. So how will your pitch for it? The same old way of “Get your car renovated in lowest price”? No, because it is boring. How about “Bring your old car and leave with a brand new” or “The only thing you will recognize is your number plate”. Now, this will drive the audience to at least engage with your social ad. You are telling that we are not only renovating but transforming your old car into a new one.

Storyboard The campaigns will be useless if they are unable to express the story from A to Z. Your ad should be able to express the whole storyin an impression worth of 2 to 3 seconds. Present a journey of your services to the audience in a way that on first impression they will understand what your business is about and what exactly are you offering. Always remember, targeting the right audience and choosing the right keywords will only matter if the storyboard is perfectly in sync with every aspect of your company’s vision to your products and services being offered.