Explainer video services in Dubai, UAE.

Videos for everyone.

Explainer videos are the perfect way for the business and organizations to introduce and explain a new product and how the things works. Explainer Video is the ideal tool and has the power to appeal and educate your target audience, generate leads, boost your sales, and build your online presence. AKAN Web design can help you tell your story to the world, with easy-to-understand language and elegantly created visuals. AKAN web design explainer video services make intricate ideas and methods tranquil to hold and remember.

Explainer Videos is one of the tool of Video Marketing, which is one of the strongest marketing strategies. AKAN Web design is an Explainer Video Company that focusses in creating Custom Animation Videos to best describe your product and story to the world. Your product with our determinations will make you stand out of the competition.

Base of the video is its script, it’s the fundamental building block to any video and animation. AKAN Web Design command of English, Arabic, Hindi (Urdu), as well as 12 other languages, benefits to guarantee that every video is simple to understand, even while explaining intricate subjects and ideas.

Why Choose AKAN Web Design as your Video Production Partner?

Below are some of the reasons to choose AKAN Web Design to be your partner in the journey of video explanation of your brand and product:

1.     Quality content:

One of the strengths of AKAN Web Design is a pledge to creating quality content. This is demonstrated in our every explainer videos. We have professional script writers who have the expertise in creating crispy script with smooth transitions and solid storyboard that will make your brand boom in the mind of customer. Our expert made editing together with modern animation elements. This mixture of recipe can create the perfect explainer video, regardless of whether it is proposed for social media or for a different audience entirely.


2.    Custom Artwork:

We create the custom artwork for every video according to the need of the business. Every custom artwork is done to provide the perfect picture to your explainer video. Explainer videos are ideal means, not only for social channels but also for conferences, workshops, forums and exhibitions.

3.    Revisions

Revisions are the crucial part of video production. We do not depute the video to our customers unless it has been thoroughly revised by the customer itself. Without customer approval we do not take a single step or go into the next phase. Our whole commitment is to make sure that our client is completely satisfied with the end product.

4.   Fast Process

You are afraid about the deadline. Don’t worry about that anymore. AKAN Web Design has the team of professionals that can deliver the best and flawless explainer videos in less than a week. Our resources have the capability to gather all the data and prepare the video for your brand in less time that you have expected. So, try us!!

5.   Multiple Language

AKAN Web Design have the experts more than the 12 languages. So, you want your video in your native/local language, we can do that easily.

6.   Dedicated Project Manager

We have the dedicated team and managers for your project. This dedicated team put their best efforts into their work and deliver the best of the best. They ensure that the deadline must be met without any distortion whatsoever.

7.    Security

We know your information is extremely important to you, hence we provide the best security protocols to secure your information. We monitor each and every one of the individual involve in the procedure very strictly and ensure there is no leakage of your data and information to anyone.

8.   Project Monitoring System

We have the dedicated system for every project monitoring. Every progress that has been modified by the production team is displayed in this system. The project monitoring is the online system that can be accessed by the customer anywhere in the world. This system make sure you stayed up to date in each and every detail and step of the project.

Extra Fast Delivery

We offer extra fast delivery services for the clients need urgent video. We have the dedicated team just for those customers, who can deliver the videos just within 48 hours. Get in touch with us and see how quickly can we create and deliver the video to you.